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Microsoft WSUS NSClient++

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This Pack monitors server statistics, computer updates and global synchronisation of the Windows Server Update Services Server and the devices under its management.

Pack assets

Monitored objects

  • Windows Server Update Services Server, including these specific items:
    • Computer Status
    • Update Status
    • Synchronisation status
    • Server statistics

Collected metrics

Coming soon


Centreon NSClient++

The Windows WSUS Plugin is hosted by the centreon-nsclient agent which must be installed, configured and running on the Windows server running the WSUS Admin console.

The Centreon Poller can connect to the agent using either the NRPE method or the RestAPI method. More information on how to achieve the installation and the configuration of the agent can be found here.


The Plugin uses Powershell to collect monitoring datas. It's important that the following module can be loaded: Microsoft.UpdateServices.Administration.


  1. Depending on the monitoring method chosen (NRPE or RestAPI), install the relevant Centreon Plugin package on every Centreon Poller expected to monitor WSUS through centreon-nsclient:
  • NRPE
yum install centreon-nrpe-plugin
  • RestAPI
yum install centreon-plugin-Operatingsystems-Windows-Restapi
  1. On the Centreon Web interface, install the Microsoft WSUS Centreon Pack from the Configuration > Plugin Packs > Manager page

Host configuration

  • On the Centreon Web Interface, go to Configuration > Hosts and add a new Host
  • Set the Host IP address and select the relevant Host template according to the monitoring method chosen:
    • App-Wsus-NRPE-custom for NRPE
    • App-Wsus-NSClient-05-Restapi-custom for RestAPI
  • Depending on the Host template, fill the Macro fields as follows:
XNRPECLIENTNRPE Plugin binary to use (Default: 'check_centreon_nrpe')
XNRPEPORTNRPE Port of the target server (Default: '5666')
XNRPETIMEOUTTimeout value (Default: '30')
NRPEEXTRAOPTIONSAny extra option you may want to add to every command_line (Default: '-u -m 8192')