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Bluecoat generic


This chapter describes the prerequisites installation needed by plugins to run.

Centreon Plugin​

Install this plugin on each needed poller:

yum install centreon-plugin-Network-Generic-Bluecoat-Snmp


It's necessary to enable SNMP on your equipment


Read Troubleshooting SNMP

Centreon Configuration​

Create a host using the appropriate template​

Go to Configuration > Hosts and click Add. Then, fill the form as shown by the following table:

Host nameName of the host
AliasHost description
IPHost IP Address
Monitored fromMonitoring Poller to use
Host Multiple TemplatesNet-Bluecoat-SNMP-custom

Click on the Save button.

Those services were automatically created for this host:

PingMonitor host response time
CpuCheck CPU usage on Bluecoat
MemoryCheck memory usage on Bluecoat
DiskCheck disk usage on Bluecoat
HardwareCheck the hardware sensors on Bluecoat
Client-ConnectionsCheck current client connections on Bluecoat
Client-RequestsCheck http client requests (in percent by type : hit, partial, misses, errors)
Client-TrafficCheck bytes/s received/delivered to clients
Server-ConnectionsCheck current server connections on Bluecoat