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JVM Actuator

Monitoring Connector Assets

Monitored Objects

The Pack collects metrics for:

  • Class
  • Memory
  • System (cpu, load-average, fd)
  • Threads

Collected Metrics

Metric nameDescriptionUnit
class.loaded.current.countCurrent number of classes loaded
class.unloaded.countNumber of classes unloaded


Please install Spring Boot Actuator module: Ask to your admin to deploy it and give you the URL.


  1. Install the Centreon Plugin on every Poller:
yum install centreon-plugin-Applications-Jvm-Actuator
  1. On the Centreon Web interface in Configuration > Monitoring Connector Manager, install the JVM Actuator Pack

Host configuration

  • Add a new Host and apply the App-Jvm-Actuator-custom Host Template

Once the template applied, some Macros have to be configured:

XACTUATORCUSTOMMODECustom mode to get metrics (Default: standard)
XACTUATORAPIPORTPort used (Default: 8080)
XACTUATORAPIPROTOSpecify https if needed (Default: http)
XACTUATORAPIURLPATHApi endpoint (Default: /actuator)
ACTUATORAPIEXTRAOPTIONSAny extra option you may want to add to the command (eg. a --verbose flag)

To monitor centreon-map JVM, please use following macro values:

ACTUATORAPIUSERNAMEApi username must be set
ACTUATORAPIPASSWORDApi password must be set

How to test the Plugin and what are the main options for?

Once the Plugin installed, log into your Poller using the centreon-engine user account and test by running the following command:

/usr/lib/centreon/plugins/ \
--plugin=apps::java::jvm::actuator::plugin \
--custommode=standard \
--mode=class-count \
--hostname='' \
--port='8080' \
--proto='http' \

Output example:

OK: Class current: 6486, unloaded: 38 | 'class.loaded.current.count'=6486;;;0; 'class.unloaded.count'=38;;;0;

The command above monitors JVM class usage (--mode=class-count). It connects to the host (--hostname='') on the port 8080 (--port='8080') using http (--proto='http').

All the options that can be used with this plugin can be found over the --help command:

/usr/lib/centreon/plugins/ \
--plugin=apps::java::jvm::actuator::plugin \
--custommode=standard \
--mode=class-count \


Troubleshooting plugins