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Pack Assets​


The Centreon Pack Speedtest brings a host template:

  • App-Monitoring-Speedtest-custom

It brings the following service template:

Service AliasService TemplateDefaultDiscovery

Collected metrics & status​

Metric nameDescriptionUnit
ping.time.millisecondsRound trip time for the packet to reach the test serveur and for the response to returnms speedb/s
internet.bandwidth.upload.bitspersecondUpload speedb/s

Prerequisites​ must be reachable from the Centreon Poller.


  1. Install the Centreon package on every Centreon poller expected to monitor Speedtest resources:
yum install centreon-plugin-Applications-Monitoring-Speedtest
  1. On the Centreon web interface, install the Speedtest Centreon Pack on the Configuration > Monitoring Connectors Manager page.



  • Log into Centreon and add a new host through Configuration > Hosts.
  • Fill the Name, Alias & IP Address / DNS.
  • Apply the App-Monitoring-Speedtest-custom template to the host.
  • Once the template is applied, fill in the corresponding macros. Some macros are mandatory.
SPEEDTESTEXTRAOPTIONSAny extra option you may want to add to the command (eg. a --verbose flag)

How to check in the CLI that the configuration is OK and what are the main options for?​

Once the plugin is installed, log into your Centreon poller's CLI using the centreon-engine user account (su - centreon-engine) and test the plugin by running the following command:

/usr/lib/centreon/plugins/ \
--plugin=apps::monitoring::speedtest::plugin \

The expected command output is shown below:

OK: speedtest ping time: 35 ms, download: 97.15 Mb/s, upload: 105.55 Mb/s | 'ping.time.milliseconds'=35.768ms;;;0; ''=97153647b/s;;;0; 'internet.bandwidth.upload.bitspersecond'=105554658b/s;;;0;

All available options for a given mode can be displayed by adding the --help parameter to the command:

/usr/lib/centreon/plugins/ \
--plugin=apps::monitoring::speedtest::plugin \

All available modes can be displayed by adding the --list-mode parameter to the command:

/usr/lib/centreon/plugins/ \
--plugin=apps::monitoring::speedtest::plugin \


Please find the troubleshooting documentation for plugins in this chapter.