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Base Pack


There is no prerequisites needed for this Monitoring Connector.

This Monitoring Connector gives you all basic templates.

You can use it to create your own service templates, active as well as passive, with the following templates:

  • generic-active-service
  • generic-passive-service

Same for hosts:

  • generic-active-host
  • generic-passive-host

Centreon Configuration​

Create a host using the appropriate template​

Go to Configuration > Hosts and click Add. Then, fill the form as shown by the following table:

Host nameName of the host
AliasHost description
IPHost IP Address
Monitored fromMonitoring Poller to use
Host Multiple Templatesgeneric-host-custom

Click on the Save button.

The following service will be created and linked to the host:

PingMonitor host response time

Service Macro configuration​

The following macros must be configured on services:

ServiceMacroDescriptionDefault ValueExample
PingPACKETNUMBERNumber of packet55
PingWARNINGWarning threshold200,20%200,20%
PingCRITICALCritical Threshold400,50%400,50%