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Sun MgmtCard


This chapter describes the prerequisites installation needed by plugins to run.

Centreon Plugin

Install this plugin on each needed poller:

yum install centreon-plugin-Hardware-Servers-Sun-Mgmtcards

The plugin has 3 kind of modes, it depends of the sun management card to monitor :

  • Telnet:
    • Dependency: Perl Module Net::Telnet (yum install perl-Net-Telnet.noarch)
  • SSH:
    • Dependency: 'plink' command (no ssh key exchange needed)
    • Host macros: 'SSHUSERNAME', 'SSHPASSWORD'
  • IPMI:
    • Dependency: 'ipmitool' command (yum install ipmitool)

Sun Server Hardware List

Host TemplateMethodHardwareMgmt Card
HW-Server-Sun-Alom4v-SSHSSHT1xxx, T2xxxALOM4v
HW-Server-Sun-Ilom-SSHSSHT3-x, T4-x, T5xxxILOM
HW-Server-Sun-Alom-TELNETTelnetv240, v245, v440,...ALOM
HW-Server-Sun-Sfxxxx-TELNETTelnetsfXXXX (sf6900, ScpApp sf6800, sf3800,...)RSC
HW-Server-Sun-V4xx-TELNETTelnetv4xx (v490, v480)RSC
HW-Server-Sun-V8xx-TELNETTelnetv8xx (v890, v880)RSC

My Sun Hardware is not the list

Following hardware can be also monitored:

HardwareHost template Service
MseriesHW-Server-Sun-Mseries-SNMP Linked with the host template
sf12k, sf15k, sf20k, sf25kHW-Server-Sun-Sfxxk-PSSH Linked with the host template
v120, v1280 and others OS-Solaris-NRPEOS-Solaris-Prtdiag-Status-NRPE-Custom

Centreon Configuration

Create a host using the appropriate template

Go to Configuration > Hosts and click Add. Then, fill the form as shown by the following table:

Host nameName of the host
AliasHost description
IPHost IP Address
Monitored fromMonitoring Poller to use
Host Multiple TemplatesTemplate provided by the Monitoring Connector

Click on the Save button.