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NetApp Ontap Rest API


ONTAP or Data ONTAP or Clustered Data ONTAP (cDOT) or Data ONTAP 7-Mode is NetApp's proprietary operating system used in storage disk arrays such as NetApp FAS and AFF, ONTAP Select and Cloud Volumes ONTAP

Plugin-Pack assets

Monitored objects

  • Aggregates
  • Cluster
  • Hardware
  • Luns
  • Quotas
  • Snapmirrors
  • Volumes

Discovery rules

Rule nameDescription
HW-Storage-Netapp-Ontap-Restapi-Volume-NameDiscover volumes attached to your storage

Monitored metrics

Metric NameUnitµsµsµsµs


NetApp ONTAP configuration

A read-only account (login/password) is required.


  1. Install the Centreon Plugin package on every Centreon poller expected to monitor NetApp ONTAP ressources:
yum install centreon-plugin-Hardware-Storage-Netapp-Ontap-Restapi
  1. On the Centreon Web interface, install the 'NetApp Ontap Rest API' Centreon Plugin-Pack on the "Configuration > Plugin Packs > Manager" page


  • Log into Centreon and add a new Host through "Configuration > Hosts".
  • Apply the template HW-Storage-NetApp-Ontap-Restapi-custom and configure all the Macros:
XAPIPORTPort used. Default is 443
XAPIPROTOProtocol used. Default is https
XAPIUSERNAMEUsername to access to the API.
XAPIPASSWORDPassword to access to the API.
APIEXTRAOPTIONSAny extra option you may want to add to the command


How do I test my configuration through the CLI and what do the main parameters stand for ?

Once the Centreon plugin installed, you can test it logging with the centreon-engine user:

/usr/lib/centreon/plugins/ \    
--plugin=storage::netapp::ontap::restapi::plugin \ \
--port=443 \
--proto=https \
--api-username='admin' \
--api-password='xxxx' \
--mode=volumes \

The command above checks the status of the volumes (--mode=volumes) of the NetApp storage ( using the API username admin and the related password (--api-username='admin' --api-password='xxxx'). The API connection uses the HTTPS protocol (--proto=https) on the port 443 (--port=443).