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Nimble Storage


HPE Nimble Storage is a predictive flash storage technology developed by Nimble Storage that was based in San Jose, California founded in early 2008. Nimble Storage produced hardware and software products for data storage, specifically data storage arrays that use the iSCSI and Fibre Channel protocols and includes data backup and data protection features. Nimble is a subsidiary of Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

Monitoring Connector assets

Monitored Objects

  • Nimble Flash Arrays

Available services

The current version of the Nimble SNMP Monitoring Connector can monitor the following services:

  • Global-Stats
  • Volumes

Collected metrics

The following metrics are collected by the Centreon Nimble SNMP Plugin:

Metric nameDescriptionUnit volume space usage (in Bytes)Bytes


Nimble SNMP Configuration

Enable SNMP on the Nimble device following the official HPE documentation:


  1. Install the Centreon package on every Centreon poller expected to monitor Nimble Flash Arrays:
yum install centreon-plugin-Hardware-Storage-Nimble-Snmp
  1. On the centreon Web interface, install the Netdata RestAPI Centreon Monitoring Connector on the Configuration > Monitoring Connector Manager page


  • Log into Centreon and add new host through "Configuration > Hosts".
  • Fill SNMP community and SNMP version fields
  • Apply the template HW-Storage-Nimble-SNMP to the Host

When using SNMP v3, use the SNMPEXTRAOPTIONS Macro to add specific authentication parameters More information in the Troubleshooting SNMP section.



Why do I get the following error message:

UNKNOWN: SNMP GET Request : Timeout

This message generally means that you are not using the right SNMP version or community. It could also indicate that a third-party device like a firewall is blocking the SNMP UDP/161 request.

UNKNOWN: SNMP GET Request : Cant get a single value.

This error message often refers to the following issues:

  • the Nimble device doesn't support the MIB used by the plugin
  • the targeted SNMP OID cannot be fetched because of insufficient privileges on the device