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Version: 22.10


Default Settings

The default settings are conveniently prefilled to assist you in creating new BAs and indicators (KPIs). It can be found in Monitoring > Business Activity > Default Settings

Impact settings

The following parameters correpond to the default values behind the Weak, Minor, Major, Critical and Blocking impact types when configuring indicators in Regular mode.


Impact types have to be defined in percentage.


Business Activity and Boolean rule impacts settings

These default parameters are used for prefilling the fields for Business Activity or Boolean rule-type indicators in Advanced mode.


Business Activity settings

The default parameters below define values for BAs.


Warning ThresholdWarning threshold: Corresponds to a warning condition of the BA. A notification can then be sent.
Critical ThresholdCritical threshold: Corresponds to a critical condition of the BA. A notification can then be sent.
Reporting PeriodTime Default BA reporting time period
Notification Time PeriodDefault BA notification time period
Contact GroupsDefault BA notified contact groups
Notification IntervalDefault BA notification interval
Height Impact TreeDefault height for window showing impact tree

To be able to notify user/external solutions (Slack, OpenDuty etc..) belonging to the contact group you defined, you have to configure the dedicated Business Activity notification section in user's form:


User settings

The User Settings are personalised options that belong to each user profile, you can configure it in Monitoring > Business Activity > User Settings.

Custom Overview

By default, the Centreon BAM module displays the monitoring console with all authorized BAs. However, the user has the possibility to compose his own overview by adding the BAs of his choice, among those which are authorized.