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Version: 22.10

Updating Centreon-HA platform

This procedure is intended to be used to perform minor updates of Centreon, when the Engine/Broker compatibility is assured between the old and the new version. No service downtime is necessary in this case, only a short outage of the Web UI login screen.

Suspend cluster resources management​

In order to avoid a failover of the cluster during the update, it is necessary to unmanage all Centreon resources, as well as MariaDB.

pcs resource unmanage centreon
pcs resource unmanage ms_mysql

Update process from the WUI​

Please, make sure all users logged out from the Centreon web interface before starting the upgrade procedure.

Centreon-Web update​

Update your cluster by running the following command on each node:

yum update

And then you should be able to finalize the update via the web UI. You might have to log off your session or to refresh the login page to access the update process.

On the slave central node, just move the "install" dir to avoid getting the "update" screen in the WUI in the event of a further exchange of roles.

mv /usr/share/centreon/www/install /var/lib/centreon/installs/install-update-YYYY-MM-DD
sudo -u apache /usr/share/centreon/bin/console cache:clear

Removing cron jobs​

The RPM upgrade puts cron job back in place. Remove them to avoid concurrent executions:

rm /etc/cron.d/centreon
rm /etc/cron.d/centstorage
rm /etc/cron.d/centreon-auto-disco
rm -f /etc/cron.d/centreon-ha-mysql

As you have deleted the centreon-ha-mysql cron, check that the following line appears in the server section of the /etc/my.cnf.d/server.cnf file:


If the line is not there, add it, then restart the ms_mysql resource:

pcs resource restart ms_mysql

Updating Centreon extensions​

The Centreon extensions are also to be updated via the WUI, from the "Administration > Extensions > Manager" menu by clicking the "Update all" button.

Updating the Plugin Packs​

In order to maintain compatibility between the Plugin Packs and the installed plugins (that have just been updated by the yum update command on the central server), the plugin packs must be updated in the WUI too from the "Configuration > Plugin Packs" menu.

Updating the pollers​

It is recommended to update the pollers as well, especially if centreon-engine and/or centreon-broker packages have been updated:

yum update

Exporting Engine/Broker configuration​

Generate and export new Engine/Broker configuration files for all pollers (central included) in "Configuration -> Pollers" with these options checked:

  • Generate Configuration Files
  • Run monitoring engine debug (-v)
  • Move Export Files

Then restart them one at a time from the same menu and make sure to select the "restart" method, not "reload", if the centreon-engine and/or centreon-broker packages have been updated.

In addition, the cbd-sql service must be restarted on the central master server:

service cbd-sql restart

The cbd service must also be restarted on Centreon Remote Servers as well:

service cbd restart

At this point everything should be working properly.

Resuming the cluster resources management​

Now that the update is finished, the resources can be managed again:

pcs resource manage centreon
pcs resource manage ms_mysql

Verifying the platform stability​

You should now check that eveything works fine:

  • Access to the web UI menus.
  • Poller configuration generation + reload and restart method.
  • Schedule immediate check (Central + Pollers) and acknowledge, downtime etc.
  • Move resources or reboot master server and check again that everything is fine.