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Version: 23.04

Set up your free IT-100 solution

Centreon offers you the possibility to test all the features of the Centreon IT edition for free, with the IT-100 trial formula.

Your Centreon platform must be able to access the internet for the IT-100 license to work.

For more information, read our FAQ on Centreon IT-100.


  1. To request your free trial license, go to our website on page Try Centreon IT Edition and fill in the following form:


    You will receive an email containing your token to try Centreon IT edition.

  2. Install Centreon quickly using a ready-to-use virtual machine.

  3. Log in to the web interface, at the following address: http://IP_ADDRESS/centreon. (Replace IP_ADDRESS by the IP address or FQDN of your Centreon web server.)

    The default credentials are admin/centreon.

  4. Add the Centreon IT Edition token you have received by email.

    If necessary, configure the proxy to allow the Centreon server to access the internet.

    1. Go to Administration > Extensions > Manager and click the Add Token button:


    2. A window opens. Enter your token and click on the Save button:


  5. Your platform is now ready. You can monitor your first host.

Troubleshooting your IT-100 solution

If you need any help setting up your IT-100 solution, please visit the dedicated group on our community platform The Watch.