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Version: 23.04


This chapter describes how to install your Centreon monitoring platform.

The monitoring platform may be installed in several ways. However, we strongly recommend using Centreon repositories (packages) to install your platform. Enjoy our industrialization work during installation and update steps of the environment. Also enjoy optimizations installed by default on the system.

Installing Centreon can be performed from sources (tar.gz) but the work is more complex. In addition, the installation will only be supported by the community.

Before installing Centreon:

  1. Check out the compatibility (supported OSs, DBMS).
  2. Choose the type of architecture that best suits your needs.
  3. Check out the prerequisites (CPU resources, memory, disks, partitioning, etc...).
  4. Download Centreon.
  5. Finally, you can install the platform.

Unattended script

To quickly test Centreon and install a central server on AlmaLinux/Oracle Linux/RHEL 8 or 9, you can use a script.

  1. Update your system:
dnf update
subscription-manager register --username my_username --password my_password --auto-attach --force
subscription-manager repos --enable codeready-builder-for-rhel-8-x86_64-rpms

Replace my_username and my_password by the credentials of your RedHat account.

  1. Run the following command as root:

    curl -L | sh

    The script will install a central server using version 23.04, from the stable repository, with minimal output on your terminal.

    In case of problems when running the script, execute it again using the following command:

    sh -x install -t central -v 23.04 -r stable -l DEBUG  2>&1 |tee -a /tmp/unattended-$(date +"%m-%d-%Y-%H%M%S").log

    You will get a full log file with all errors in your tmp folder, named unattended(date).log.

  2. Once the script has run, all you have to do is to carry out the web installation steps.