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Version: 23.04

Introduction to Centreon BAM

The service mapping capabilities in Centreon relies on the Centreon Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) extension.

Centreon BAM is a Centreon extension that requires a valid license. To purchase one and retrieve the necessary repositories, contact Centreon.

Centreon Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) helps ITSM and business operation teams gain a common perspective to align IT with business. Based on ITIL practices, it measures real-time IT operating vitals from Centreon-monitored data to show crucial correlations to service performance. Prioritizing and proactively managing IT operations and service delivery for required SLA becomes easier. Centreon BAM contributes to show that IT counts for business operations.


Centreon BAM uses an advanced Business Activities (BA) calculation engine based on Key Performance Indicators.

The graphical representation of the data appears in real time on a console that is dedicated to monitoring IT activities.

This documentation is meant to assist you in rolling out business activities and making best use of the real-time and reporting data in Centreon BAM.

Definitions :

  • BA: Business Activity
  • BV: Business View: the displayed business activity
  • KPI: Key Performance Indicator: the weighted indicator considered in the BA calculation.