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Version: 22.10


How it works

The GlpiRestApi provider uses the REST API of Glpi to retrieve data in order to open a ticket. Since it gathers a lot of configurations objects from Glpi, it puts them in cache. Loging out or waiting 10 hours will flush the cache.



This connector is (at least) compatible with the following Glpi versions:

  • 9.4
  • 9.3
  • 9.2
  • 9.1 (Glpi REST API birth)

You can’t use this provider with Glpi < 9.1. From the 8.5 to 9.0 version, you should use the old Glpi provider that uses the Glpi plugin called “webservice”


Before going any further, make sure that you correctly setup centreon-open-ticket into your Centreon instance.

Our provider requires the following parameters:

ParameterExample of value
User tokencYpJTf0SAPHHGP561chJJxoGV2kivhDv3nFYxQbl
App tokenf5Rm9t5ozAyhcHDpHoMhFoPapi49TAVsXBZwulMR
REST API url/glpi/apirest.php


As of now, the provider is able to retrieve the following objects from Glpi:

  • Entities
  • Itil categories
  • Requesters
  • Users
  • Groups
  • Suppliers

It will also fill the following parameters from a predefined list in Centreon. You can extend those lists inside the provider configuration since they are custom lists.

  • User role
  • Group role
  • Urgency
  • Impact
  • Priority


You'll find the required app token in the following menu: app_token

You'll find the user token in the following menu: user_token