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Warp10 Sensision


Centreon Plugin

Install this plugin on each needed poller:

yum install centreon-plugin-Applications-Databases-Warp10-Sensision

Centreon Configuration

Create a host using the appropriate template

Go to Configuration > Hosts and click Add. Then, fill the form as shown by the following table:

NameName of the host
IP Address / DNSCan be localhost
Monitored fromPoller used to monitor

The following host macros should be set as shown:

WARP10SENSISIONPORTWarp10 Sensision web page port
WARP10SENSISIONPROTOWarp10 Sensision web page protocol
WARP10SENSISIONURLPATHWarp10 Sensision web page url path
WARP10SENSISIONUSERNAMEWarp10 Sensision web page username (if needed)
WARP10SENSISIONPASSWORDWarp10 Sensision web page password(if needed)

Check the Create Services linked to the Template too box and click on the Save button.

The following services will be created:

  • Fetch-Statistics
  • Script-Statistics