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Version: 22.10

Displaying views

The existing standard and geographic views are accessible from Centreon web user interface, if you have been given access privileges. You can display them using the Monitoring > Map menu or using the dedicated Centreon Map widget.

Find below the dedicated features of Centreon Map web interface that ease use & interactions with views.

Understand tooltips

On the web interface, there are information windows called tooltips. They appear when you are mouse hovering some types of objects in a view: links (status & metric), services, metaservices, hosts, host groups and service groups. This window is kept open as long as your cursor is hover the tooltip.


Depending on the type of GUI object under your mouse, different information will be displayed. For instance, a link (status & metric, services and metaservice) would display:

  • Acknowledgement information (if present)
  • Downtime information (if present)
  • Duration
  • Output.

In the case of hosts, host groups and service objects, this "mouseover" summary information includes a list of the five most recently used resources in the sublevel that currently impact the host/host group or service group.

The following rules apply:

  • If a host is down, services attached are never displayed in a tooltip.
  • For a host: Services displayed correspond to the inherited status of the host. For example, if a host is "red", then only Critical services will be displayed.
  • For a service group: Services displayed correspond to the inherited status of the service group.
  • For a host group: Hosts with the same status as the host group are displayed in a tooltip; and services (if their host is up) with the same inherited status as their host groups are displayed.

In the customs views widget, by default, tooltips are not displayed. It is possible to activate them in the widget settings by a checkbox.

In the previous Centreon Map version, links color were define at user level and each user had to configure it's own color using the desktop client. We changed this mechanism so that you can define a link coloration method for all user at once. To do so:

  1. Go to Administration > Extension > Map | Options
  2. In the "Link color definition" section, select the coloration method and parameter you want to apply

Example: linear coloration from gray to blue


Another example: range coloration


Use the widget

Centreon Map comes with a widget that you can use in Centreon custom views. To do so, add a new widget on the custom view and search for "MAP".

When you add the widget, you can select a view and save position & zoom at any level.