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Version: 22.10

Sharing a view

If you want to share a view to someone that may not know Centreon and/or don't want to have to connect to Centreon but only see a Centreon Map view, you can create a dedicated limited account and give access only to dedicated menu, actions & views.

How to create the URL :

  • Have a dedicated limited account & copy its autologin key & user name (ex: partner-1 & autologin key = 23d501aa0\[\...\]8bf4fbc8a)

  • Know the direct link to go to you view (ex:

    You can retrieve the URL by using the "Copy to clipboard" shortcut next to the breadcrumb.

  • Decide to hide Centreon menu or not (ex: add &min=1 to the URL to minify the menu)

Here is an example that uses our demo platform so the user (partner-1) directly accesses the view in full screen mode (no menu)