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Version: 22.10

Centreon and Security

Organizations around the world turn to Centreon to provide business-aware monitoring of their IT for always-on operations and performance excellence. Centreon is committed to the security of the data they rely on and is continuously improving policies, processes, and products to meet the highest standards. Read more information throughout this page.

Product security by design

Secure development

Security by Design is top-of-mind throughout the Centreon development process which ensures that products and services are designed from inception to meet data security needs, including access controls, monitoring and encryption.

A continuous integration pipeline is leveraged to automate the process from pull request to image/package delivery. Code changes are reviewed by code quality scans as a first step then must be validated by 2 core developers before they are accepted, and static code analysis is run on every build so potential security issues can be caught as early as possible.

Once deployable artifacts are available, all changes are tested by Quality Assurance engineers.

Centreon external users (community or enterprise users) are also able to test and use any beta versions by pulling the packages from public “unstable” repositories.

Opensource security

Centreon distributes its core platform under GPLv2 and Apache Open Source licenses which makes it possible for contributors to extend. Any person who wants to contribute and participate in developing the project must respect Centreon’s Code of Conduct.

Any contribution is posted as a pull request and provided with information that helps through the review process by Centreon. The review includes code quality, functional tests, documentation as well as security and determines whether the contribution is accepted or rejected.

Security testing

On top of security checks performed through continuous integration as release testing, manual penetration tests are run on a yearly basis to independently identify vulnerabilities and tune best practice recommendations for safe implementations.

Vulnerability response

Upon receipt of a report for a vulnerability, Centreon will attempt to replicate the reported vulnerability and build an action plan with timelines depending on the computed severity.

Centreon will provide feedback to the reporter of the vulnerability and work with them to mitigate the vulnerability.

Vulnerability scoring

Centreon uses version 3.1 of the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) as part of its standard process of evaluating reported potential vulnerabilities.

Centreon will compute the environmental score assuming the tested Centreon product is configured as defined in the online product documentation and placed behind appropriate in-depth protections.

Depending on the CVSS score of the vulnerability, the Centreon security team will determine the urgency of remediating the vulnerability:

CVSS scoreRemediation plan
9.0 - 10 (Critical)Centreon will begin corrective action immediately, develop a fix or workaround, and provide it to customers in the shortest commercially reasonable time in the form of a patch and/or update release
7.0 - 8.9 (High)Centreon will deliver a fix or workaround with the next planned maintenance as an update release (typically within 30 days)
4.0 - 6.9 (Medium)Centreon will deliver a fix or workaround with the next planned release (typically within 6 months)
0.1 – 3.9 (Low)Centreon will deliver a fix or workaround with the next two planned releases of the Centreon product (typically within 12 months)

Reporting a vulnerability

If you believe you have found a security vulnerability, please report it to us as described in the reporting process.

Please do not report security vulnerabilities through public GitHub issues.

Send an email to If possible, encrypt your message with the provided PGP key.

You should receive a response within 48 hours. If for some reason you do not, please follow up via email to ensure we received your original message.

Securing your Centreon installation

Secure configuration

The Centreon documentation includes best practices to secure the monitoring components as well as the MAP platform. Centreon recommends that administrators carefully review those pages when planning an installation and share those guidelines with their internal security teams.

Security audit services

The Centreon consulting teams provide audit services aimed at optimizing deployments and the value driven by the software. Those audit services also include security checks and recommendations such as:

  • Base system security (passwords, ACLs, hardened configuration)
  • Database secure configuration
  • Network access configuration
  • Application security (encryption, users, ACLs).

Please make sure to reach out to your Centreon sales representative or consulting partner to initiate such an audit and plan improvements as early as possible.

Centreon security contact

If you have questions about security, contact our support team if you are a customer or our Security Team at