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Version: 23.04

Graph template


Graph models are models which can be used to shape graph layouts. Graph models can be used to configure multiple presentation settings including the y-axis measurement, the width and the height of the graph, or colors, etc.


Go to the Monitoring > Performances > Templates menu


  • The Template name field represents the name for the graph model
  • The Vertical label field contains the legend for the y-axis (type of data measured).
  • The Width and Height fields are expressed in pixels and express respectively the width and the height of the model.
  • The Lower limit field defines the minimum limit of the y-axis.
  • The Upper limit field defines the maximum limit of the y-axis.
  • The Base list defines the calculation base for the data during the scaling of the graph y-axis. Use 1024 for measurements like the Bytes (1 KB = 1 024 Bytes) and 1 000 for measurements like the volt (1 kV = 1 000 Volts).

    Regardless of the selected value, base 1024 will be used on following metric units :

    • B
    • bytes
    • bytespersecond
    • B/s
    • B/sec
    • o
    • octets
  • The Scale Graph Values checkbox enable auto scale of the graph and bypass previous options
  • The Default Centreon Graph Template allows to display all chart without predefined template using these values

If the box Size to max is checked, the graph will automatically be scaled to the scale of the maximum value ordinates shown on the given period.

Using a graph template

You can add this layout model on edition a service (or a template of service) by going into the Service Extended Info tab in configuration form: