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Version: 22.10


How can I obtain a license?​

  • You can request your token for the free IT-100 edition on our website.
  • If you have purchased a license, request your license files from our support team.

Types of licenses​

According to your Centreon edition, your license can be:

  • online: uses a token. Your Centreon platform must be connected to the internet.
  • offline: uses one or several license files

Which modules require a license?​

The following modules need to be installed separately and require a valid license.

Viewing license-based modules​

Go to Administration > Extensions > Manager. All modules currently installed on your platform have a green button with a white tick mark in it. Modules that require a license have a colored banner at the bottom (red if you have no valid license, green if you have one).


Adding a license to your Centreon platform​

  1. To request your license:

    1. Go to Administration > Extensions > Manager.

    2. Click on Get fingerprint.

    3. Paste the fingerprint in an email to our support team requesting the license.

  2. Once you have received your license, in the Administration > Extensions > Manager page, click on Upload license.

  3. Browse to the file and then click OK. The license is applied and the corresponding modules display their validity date:


  4. If you have several licenses (e.g. for BAM, MBI...), repeat the steps above until you have uploaded all license files.

Free IT-100 license​

See chapter Set up your free IT-100 solution.

Troubleshooting licenses​

No valid file uploaded​


Check the contents of the following directory:

ls -lah /etc/centreon/license.d/

If the directory already contains licences with rights that are not apache/apache, delete them or change their rights so that they can be overwritten by the new licenses:

chown apache:apache /etc/centreon/license.d/*
chmod 640 /etc/centreon/license.d/*

Your EPP license is not valid​

  • Check that the fingerprint of the central server (on page Administration > Extensions > Manager) matches the fingerprint in the license.

    less /etc/centreon/license.d/epp.license
  • Check that you do not have more hosts than your license allows. To know the total number of hosts you are supervising, go to Configuration > Hosts > Hosts, and then use the dropdown list to the right above the list of hosts:


    You can also use the following command:

    SELECT COUNT(*) FROM WHERE host_register='1';