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Version: 22.10


Medias are images used by the Centreon web interface. These images are used to represent the monitored resource in a more intuitive way, propose backgrounds for cartography modules, etc.

Image management

All the images are stored in the folder entitled: /usr/share/centreon/www/img/media of the Centreon server.

There are two methods for adding images to this folder:

  • Do it manually,
  • Use automatic synchronization: this method has the advantage of being able to import multiple images at the same time.

Manual addition

To add an image in Centreon, go to Administration > Parameters > Images and click on Add.

The following window is displayed:


  • Existing or new directory field can be used to add a new folder in the image folder or to choose an existing folder into which the image can be copied
  • Image or archive field can be used to select the image or the set of images contained in an archive which will be imported
  • Comments field can be used to describe the image

Synchronizing the images

To synchronize one or more images in the Centreon medias:

  1. Copy your images in the image folder (the images may be situated in folders)
  2. Make sure that the user who executes your web server has the read rights on these images
  3. Go into the menu: Administration > Parameters > Images
  4. Click on Synchronize Media Directory

The following window imports the new images: