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Version: 23.04

Updating MAP

Use the following procedure to update your MAP version:

  1. Stop the centreon-map-engine service by running this command on the machine hosting the Centreon MAP service:

    sudo systemctl stop centreon-map-engine
  2. Update the packages by running this command on the machine(s) hosting the central service and the Centreon MAP service:

  • On the central server:

    sudo dnf update centreon-map-web-client
  • On the MAP server:

    sudo dnf update centreon-map-engine
  1. Clear your browser cache.

  2. Finalize the update of the module and the widget in the Centreon interface Administration > Extensions > Manager.

  3. Restart the centreon-map-engine service using the following command:

    sudo systemctl start centreon-map-engine