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Version: 23.04

Upgrading MAP

If you're updating to a new major version (i.e: A.B.x with A or B that changes) you need to install the new Business repository. You can find its address on the support portal.


Update the RPM signing key

For security reasons, the keys used to sign Centreon RPMs are rotated regularly. The last change occurred on October 14, 2021. When upgrading from an older version, you need to go through the key rotation procedure, to remove the old key and install the new one.

Update the package

  1. In order to update the Centreon MAP module using an RPM package, execute the following command:
sudo dnf update centreon-map-engine centreon-map-web-client
  1. Make sure you are using the correct version of MariaDB and update it if needed. See Upgrading MariaDB.

Update through the interface

Log on to the Centreon web interface and go to Administration > Extension > Manager.

Click on the orange button to update the module, do the same for the widget.