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Version: ⭐ 24.04

Migrate the extension

This section explains how to move Centreon MAP server over to another server.

This task may be useful if you need to migrate your reporting server from CentOS 6 to CentOS 7.

Install the new Centreon MAP server

Please refer to the installation chapter in this documentation to install your new Centreon MAP server.

Synchronize the data

Stop the Centreon MAP service on both Centreon MAP servers:

systemctl stop centreon-map

Dump the Centreon MAP data:

mysqldump -u XXXXXX -p centreon_studio > /tmp/centreon_studio.sql

Upload centreon_studio.sql to the new Centreon MAP (in /tmp) server and import it into the database:

mysql -u XXXXXX -p centreon_studio < /tmp/centreon_studio.sql

Start the Centreon Map service on the new Centreon MAP servers:

systemctl start centreon-map