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Version: ⭐ 24.04

Introduction to Centreon MAP (Legacy)

The graphical view capabilities in Centreon rely on the Centreon MAP module.

Centreon MAP is a data-mapping and visualization tool designed for IT Operations management (ITOM) administrators and developers. It is capable of displaying efficient graphic insights and mapping correlated data in customized user-relevant views.

Centreon MAP is a Centreon extension that requires a valid license. To purchase one and retrieve the necessary repositories, contact Centreon.


Here is an overview of MAP (Legacy). You need first to create logical views using the Desktop client:


Then you can visualize them directly in your browser:


You can also use the geographical view to display resources in the way your IT is spread over a city, country or world:


Both types of view may be displayed in the same Centreon web user interface:

  • Either from the Centreon MAP dedicated user interface, which also includes a search facility.
  • Or within a Custom View, using the dedicated Centreon MAP widget.


Use the following procedures to administrate and use Centreon MAP (Legacy).

Administrating MAP (Legacy)

Using MAP (Legacy)