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Overview​, Inc. is an American cloud-based software company headquartered in San Francisco, California. It provides customer-relationship management (CRM) service and also sells a complementary suite of enterprise applications focused on customer service, marketing automation, analytics, and application development.

Monitoring Connector assets​

Monitored objects​

  • Salesforce instances

Collected metrics​

Metric nameDescription
instanceStatusStatus of a Salesforce instance


To monitoring your Salesforce instance, the Centreon poller must be allowed to reach the Salesforce API endpoint ( through HTTPS.


  1. Install the Centreon Plugin on poller(s) expected to monitor Salesforce
yum install centreon-plugin-Applications-Salesforce-Restapi
  1. Install the Salesforce Monitoring Connector on Configuration > Monitoring Connector ManagerCentreon Web UI page


Add a new host into Centreon and apply the 'App-Salesforce-Restapi-custom' host template. The host macros marked hereafter as "mandatory" have to be configured:

xINSTANCENAMEName or region-code of the salesforce instance
xAPIURLDefault is ''. Do not change it
EXTRAOPTIONSAny extraoptions you may want to add to every command_line (eg. a --verbose flag)
xDUMMYSTATUSHost state. Default is OK, do not modify it until you know what you are doing
xDUMMYOUTPUTHost check output. Default is 'This is a dummy check'. Customize it with your own if needed


How to test my plugin and what do the main parameters stand for ?​

Once the plugin is installed, you can test it logging into the CLI with the centreon-engine user.

/usr/lib/centreon/plugins// \
--plugin=apps::salesforce::restapi::plugin \
--mode=sfdc-instance \
--hostname='' \
--http-backend=curl \
--instance='sfdcinstance' \

The above command monitors the status of a Salesforce instance (--mode=sfdc-instance). An alias flag is added (--alias) to use the instance alias instead of the Salesforce geographical code. The monitored instance here is named 'sfdcinstance' (--instance='sfdcinstance').

All options and what they mean can be displayed through the help of the mode:

/usr/lib/centreon/plugins// \
--plugin=apps::salesforce::restapi::plugin \
--mode=sfdc-instance \

UNKNOWN: Cannot decode JSON response​

If you get this error, it may indicate that the received data is not formatted as expected by the Plugin. This usually may happen because of a proxy blocking the request and its answer is wrongly interpreted as the API response.

You can perform further investigation by adding --debug option to your command line.

What's the name of my instance ?​

Your instance name is the first part of the Salesforce Instance URL. As an example, if you connect to your Salesforce instance using URL, the instance name to use is 'archimede'